At Footprints, we are engaging in efforts that are geared towards sensitizing and raising awareness on structural vices among young people and equipping communities to be part of initiatives imparting effective change through leadership. Footprints for Change is building peaceful and sustainable societies by empowering young generations to take charge of their futures and impact the change they want to see. With a thematic focus on youth civic engagement, peace building and leadership development, our approach rests on three keys pillars: Leadership, Innovation and Peace. At the onset our approach aims at inspiring the youth to be change agents in their communities through mentorship-like platforms. These platforms appeal to the consciousness of the youth with an attempt to reshape their mindsets and attitude for responsible civic engagement. In addition F4C works towards nurturing future PanAfrican leadership by strengthening the capacities and leadership skills of the younger generations. Our inherent approach seeks to encourage innovative and constructive youth civic engagement among youth in different spheres as well as inspiring the creation of peace cultures to break the cycles of stagnation and violence.



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