SWITCH – Stabilizing weak grids through machine learning

Empowering farmers in end-of-line communities in North Africa through artificial neural networks For several decades, rising global demand for electricity has been a concern as it exceeds the existing capacities for generation and transmission. North Africa is one of the regions where power grids face critical technical and economic challenges. The interdisciplinary team of the […]

IVAC – International Virtual Academic Collaboration

The recent geopolitical and economic uncertainty has exacerbated the supply chain crisis by exerting pressure on the already rising energy and fuel costs, which are essential for logistics. These challenges provide an opportunity to understand and address them in novel ways: The goal of the DAAD funded International Virtual Academic Collaboration-Project GIPS4VC is to establish […]

TEMBO – Transformative Environmental Monitoring to Boost Observations in Africa

The aim of the TEMBO-project is to set up cost-effective innovative sensor networks that can be financed by climate services built on top of these networks. Rainfall, soil moisture, river flow and bathymetry – these essential hydrological variables can be measured at less than 10% of current costs, using the new methods developped in the […]

RADIOBLOCKS – New science in Radio Astronomy: applying cutting-edge technology to enhance the entire data chain, from receiver to final output.

Boosting European radio astronomy infrastructures The sky’s the limit for Europe’s capabilities in radio astronomy, which will receive a major boost. The EU-funded RADIOBLOCKS project will enhance European major research infrastructures in radio astronomy by developing common building blocks for technological solutions beyond state-of-the-art. As a collaboration between institutes, partners from industry and academia, the […]

Nexus Pilot Niger

Sustainable water supply with analysis of water reclamation and integrated resource recovery potential as part of a climate adaptation strategy This project is part of a larger cooperation project titled “Science meets school – renewable energy powered water-food-economy Nexus for improvement of living conditions in the Dosso Region in Niger”. The aim of the TUM […]