CRM-geothermal: Raw materials from geothermal fluids: occurrence, enrichment, extraction

Geothermal fluids often carry high amounts of critical raw materials (CRMs). Studies have shown that even a single well has the capacity to provide Europe with a sufficient amount of elements to cover the needs of key industry sectors. Combined extraction of heat and minerals maximises returns on investment, minimises environmental impact, requires no additional land use, has near-zero carbon footprint and eliminates dependence on external supplies. To assess the overall supply potential, the EU-funded CRM-geothermal project will enlarge an existing geothermal fluid atlas by collecting new data and sampling wells to determine their CRM content. The potential of different geological settings for combined extraction in Europe and East Africa will be evaluated.



Supported by BayFOR:

Research Focus:

  • Climate
  • Environment / Natural Resources / Biodiversity
  • Industry and Economic Development


Germany (Bavaria), Kenya

Funding Agency:

European Union (EU)