NAMA4PD – Narrative Management for Peace through Dialogue

In all parts of the world, extremists use social media and elaborate communication strategies to destabilize countries and regions. This is especially important in the currently contested Sahel region. To this end, so-called narratives are disseminated in which disinformation, hatred and propaganda are combined to create narratives that appeal to existing fears, prejudices and needs of the local population. As a result, trust in institutions and fellow citizens is damaged and conflicts between population groups are fueled.
The approach of the project “Narrative Management for Peace through Dialogue” is to counteract these developments as early as possible. The project is a comprehensive approach to strengthening social communication structures for peacebuilding. "Narrative Management for Peace Through Dialogue" (#NAMA4PD) is to be understood as a concept that brings together key points from various current guidelines (including Preventing Crises, Managing Conflicts, Promoting Peace) and expert recommendations (including the report of the German government’s Commission on the Causes of Flight).
The concept enables the practical implementation of elements of the networked approach based on three interdependent pillars, namely security and development, communication, and perspective development. A particular focus is on inclusion. In addition to working with youth, the project focusses primarily on working with and for women in order to further anchor feminist development policy.



Supported by BayFOR:

Research Focus:

  • Education / Skills / Capacity Building
  • Gender / Diversity
  • Governance
  • Peace and Security
  • Social Sciences


Germany (Bavaria), Gambia, Senegal

Funding Agency:

Bavarian State Chancellery