NESTLER – oNe hEalth SusTainabiLity partnership between EU-AFRICA for food sEcuRity

An EU-Africa approach to One Health sustainability

The EU and African member states have joined forces to create strategies for transitioning from a linear to a circular economy that promotes sustainable growth and development. The EU-funded NESTLER project will advance the One Health sustainable partnership by integrating technological advances to monitor the well-being of humans, animals and plants in a comprehensive manner. The project will integrate advanced remote sensing technologies, which include software interfaces for satellite data sources, video streams from unmanned aerial vehicles and IoT devices. Additionally, NESTLER will develop methodologies for edible insect farming and study the impact of animal waste in crop-based farming.



Supported by BayFOR:

Research Focus:

  • Agriculture / Fisheries / Bioeconomy
  • Circular Economy
  • Environment / Natural Resources / Biodiversity
  • Medicine and Health
  • Technology


Germany (Bavaria), Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Nigeria

Funding Agency:

European Union (EU)