OSCAR 2.0 – Towards Open Science Communities development in Sub-Saharan Africa Region

OSCAR 2.0 project`s proposal aims to foster the effective digital transformation of education and science in the Partner Countries (PCs) (Zambia and Botswana) in order to develop digital infrastructure and connections, where heightened reliability, capacity and security will support regional economic integration by boosting engagement of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in implementation of Open Science principles and values in each PC.
The project`s impact will be sustained through developed integrative Open Science environment and research operational framework. The project's main outcome, consisting of OS-infrastructure (i.e. OS platforms, Science Shops/ OS hubs), human capital (i.e. methodology, competence and knowledge trained researchers, including the early stage researchers), efficient institutional OS policies and standards for OS.
At the end of OSCAR 2.0 project, we expect to tackle the main PCHEIs challenges taking into consideration national, institutional, and individual levels. In such a way, the competitiveness level of HE and research in each PC will be raised based on the development of OS principles. This fact will improve the quality and significance of HEIs in society as poles of excellence and increased standards.



Supported by BayFOR:

Research Focus:

  • Education / Skills / Capacity Building


Germany (Bavaria), Botswana, Zambia

Funding Agency:

European Union (EU)