SUPER PV – CoSt redUction and enhanced PERformance of PV systems

SUPER PV is pursuing an ambitious bus realistic goal for innovative PV system cost reduction and consequently significant LCOE reduction (26%-37%) by adopting hybrid approach combining technological innovations and Data Management methods along the PV value chain. To achieve that, key actions will be implemented at three main levels within the PV value chain: PV module innovation level, power electronics innovation level and system integration level. To ensure fast uptake of the project results by industry, state of the art modules (c-Si and flexible CIGS) and power electronics products were utilised for adopting innovations developed by research centres. For cost reduction in system integration and operation, Digitalization and Data Management solutions based on Industry 4.0 approach will be adopted following successful utilization of Building Information Modelling approach in the construction sector. Selected for uptake innovations will be compatible with existing manufacturing technological processes thus reducing impact on Cost of Ownership and ensuring attractiveness of proposed technologies for PV manufacturers.



Supported by BayFOR:

Research Focus:

  • Climate

Project Coordination:

UAB SoliTek R&D

Project Partner:

Biogents AG
Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy SA
WIP Renewable Energies


Morocco, Germany (Bavaria)

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