The Comoé National Park Research Station

The Comoé National Park Research Station is located in the Comoé National Park (Ivory Coast), a west sudanian savannah. Savannahs are highly diverse ecosystems that have received too little public attention, even though they are under extreme pressure to be used and are just as endangered as rainforests.
The station offers unique training and research opportunities for local and international students and scientists in West Africa and far beyond. It consists of 14 well-equipped residential houses, an air-conditioned laboratory building (800 m2) and other functional buildings with self-sufficient electricity and water supply (solar system and 80m deep well) and internet connection.



Supported by BayFOR:

Research Focus:

  • Climate
  • Education / Skills / Capacity Building
  • Environment / Natural Resources / Biodiversity


Germany (Bavaria), Cote D’Ivoire