TRANS-SAFE – Transforming Road Safety in Africa

Paving the way for road safety in Africa

Road traffic injury death rates are high in Africa. There is an urgent need to implement safety solutions. The EU-Funded TRANS-SAFE project aims to maximise impact of these solutions by bringing road safety agencies and experts from Europe and Africa to drive policy actions. Together, they will drive forward effective approaches for road safety development. The project will ensure the road conditions meet the recommendations of the Road Safety Cluster of the African-EU Transport Task Force (2020). Overall, the project will help deliver on the Joint EU-Africa Strategy and advance countries’ progress towards the 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development Goals.



Supported by BayFOR:

Research Focus:

  • Mobility


Germany (Bavaria), Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, Morocco, Rwanda

Funding Agency:

European Union (EU)