Bavarian Research Alliance


The Bavarian Research Alliance (Bayerische Forschungsallianz, BayFOR) provides comprehensive advisory services on EU research and innovation funding, helps to put together an application and look for suitable project partners. With the Bavarian initial funding programme BayIntAn, they can help to prepare an international project and set up or expand scientific partnerships with international research institutions. BayFOR's Scientific Coordination Office (WKS) focuses on instigating collaborative research and innovation projects with stakeholders from Bavaria and Québec, Alberta, Israel, Africa and on supporting the activities of the Regional Leaders’ Summit. In addition to the EU projects that they are directly involved in as a project partner, they also support the Bavarian Research Associations in their networking activities and public relations work. For more information on the Scientific Coordination Office Bavaria-Africa, please follow this link.



Non-Governmental Organisation (Non-profit Organisation, Foundation)






Projects (Partner)

INCiTiS-FOOD – Integrated and Circular Technologies for Sustainable city region FOOD systems in Africa
UPSCALE – Upscaling the Benefits Of Push-Pull Technology For Sustainable Agricultural Intensification In East Africa